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FeatureClass in  Pipeline Referencing FeatureDataset created with ArcGIS Pro is read-only from ArcMap

Question asked by xtian79 on Aug 20, 2019
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Hello fellows, 


I created a Pipeline Referencing Feature dataset, and inside it is created a Point Feature class, I did that using ArcGIS Pro. when I try to access the information from ArcMap, I am able to load the information, its attributes everything, but I am not able to perform edits:

I am using the same credentials to connect to the geodatabase. 

According to ArcCatalog, this are the permissions:

What I am missing here?




[EDIT]: this feature dataset was configured with LRS using ArcGIS Pro:

Get started with Pipeline Referencing—ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing for ArcGIS Pro User Help | ArcGIS Desktop 


[UPDATE]: Neither ArcGIS Pro, nor ArcMap has Location Referencing Extension enable.