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Why can't I extrude to a floating value/ value with a delimiter?

Question asked by jeresv on Aug 19, 2019

I've created an arcpy script tool, that allows one to create single 3D extrusion from a building foorprint geometry.

The problem is that it does not extrude it to an exact value. For example, if i set the extrusion to be 9,5, the polygon will be extruded to 9 meters. So happens to all values with delimiters, it always rounds to the first full meter value. F.e 10.99 becomes 10, 11.43 becomes 11 and so on. 

How can i bypass this feature? The values need to be exact since rarely building height is a round figure.

The python code is using the method extrusion of the layer class. I'm using ArcGIS Pro version 2.2.1