Realign Overlap Edit has not been working as expected

Discussion created by jessepearson on Aug 20, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2019 by NEasley-esristaff

In esri roads and higwhays we have a new internal event that we have loaded over 2.9 million crash points.

We are currently at Version arcmap 10.5.1.


After the data was appended we performed a series of UAT tests and one edit in particular didn’t work as expected.  The Realign Overlap Edit has not been working as we expected. Note - Our new Internal event has a Snap event behavior for Realign Overlap. The business case for this is so rare that we don’t have any current real life scenarios but the synopsis would be realiging a coincident route where 1 existing route stays in the same alignment.  A good example would be a by-passed route. 


Take a look at our UAT tests (attached) for further details. Pay close attention to the specific editing scenarios.


I'm wondering if this is related to the Cartographic Realignment issues that have been reported...


We would be curious if other DOT's or counties/cities have tested this type of edit and have seen events shifting?