Spatial Join executes but generates empty output

Discussion created by kingmi on Mar 9, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I have a curious geoprocessing issue concerning spatially joining a large volume of cadastre with a large dissolved road corridor buffer. Using the cadastre as the target and the road buffer as the join layer I was hoping to have the cadastre parcels that intersect the buffer to be have the buffer attributes appended to them. This works fine on small areas but when I try it on my entire dataset the toolbox tool runs says it has executed and gives me the completed window but either generates no file at all or a file with empty output.

Does anyone know of why this is occuring or how I can stop it? Is there some environment setting I can use to control the result? I would have though if there was too much data for the software or computer to handle it would just crash or generate an out of memory error.

As context : I am using ArcGIS desktop 9.3.1 SP2 in windows XP SP3.

I'm stumped with this one so any help is much appreciated