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Resample raster using majority of pixels

Question asked by Caro_GEO on Aug 19, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2019 by cringo

I would like to resample a raster dataset using a majority of my input pixels. There is a function called "Resample>Majority"; however, it does not do what I want. Lets say that I have a raster with 1 meter resolution and from this raster I would like to evaluate 10 meter raster, where the 10 meter pixels will represent the major value in the input dataset. So, my output 10 meter pixel should be evaluated from 100 pixels in my input 1 meter resolution data. So, if among of  these 100 pixels the major value is e.g. "7" then this value should be used in the 10 meter raster.


Is it possible to do this in ArcMap? Thank you in advance for some advise how to do this.