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How to convert geojson time field (currently in ISO-8601 date format) to be esri js usable?

Question asked by ross1050 on Aug 18, 2019
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I'm using esri's javascript api to make a web map. Below you can see the popup template I'm trying to create for my geojson layer. Unfortunately, the dateFormat: "dayShortMonthYearLongTime" component isn't working because the geojson file is storing the date in ISO-8601 date format. Is there anyway to modify the geojson date field so that dateFormat: "dayShortMonthYearLongTime" works?

Note: the geojson file is 


const currentClosuresTemplate = {
      title: "Current Road Closure Info",
      content: "Street Closed: {STREET_NAME} <br> Closed until: {DATE_TO}",
      fieldInfos: [
            fieldName: "DATE_TO",
            format: {
            dateFormat: "dayShortMonthYearLongTime"