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Extrusions Question: How Do You Create a Floating Polygon

Question asked by Smithw22 on Aug 15, 2019
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I am trying to make a Scene in ArcGIS Pro using Extrusions. From what I have seen with extruding polygons you can only extrude from your base, but can you specify a minimum and maximum z-value that doesn't originate at the base of the data?


I want to map airspace. I have 1 polygon extruding from the base to 400' above ground level (AGL) to represent airspace a drone can fly in. Above that, E Class airspace starts at 700' AGL.  Instead of having the polygon that has the 700' start from the base and extend upward to 700', I want to have a polygon that starts at 700'  and extend upward from there. This should leave a 300' gap in between both polygons.


Is there a workflow to do this based on a field? Should I just try to draw it manually?

If not based on a field, is there some other kind of workflow to follow?