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Can't find vertical references in drone2map 2.0

Question asked by adrian.madejczyk_NEK on Aug 15, 2019



I'm new to drone2map processing and maybe I’m trying to ask very obvious (silly) question but ... refereeing to old manuals (for version 1.3 I guess) it supposed to be possible to define vertical reference for imported images while creating a new project (Create a new project—Drone2Map for ArcGIS Help | ArcGIS ) but unfortunately I can't find this option in version 2.0 - and I badly need it because I'm really struggling with wrongly defined heights of images imported from Mavic Pro (I guess they have ellipsoidal heights - but I can't see the place in drone2map 2.0 where I could define it). Can anyone help please?


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Adrian Madejczyk