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Change or reset "Home" geopoint location in a Survey123 Connect survey?

Question asked by Rizbee on Aug 14, 2019
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Is there a way to change or reset the "Home" geopoint location in a Survey123 Connect survey?


I have a survey for a university department they are having the public use Survey123 to collect data at two different campuses.  Up to now our geopoint question has been "homed" to campus #1, but users on campus #2 have complained about not being able to find their current location (apparently they can't hit crosshair button to center the map...). 


Is there a way to reset the home location of the geopoint question, or set up a second geopoint question with a different home location?  I could insert a question that asks what campus they are on and then branch to a different geopoint question or reset the home location lat/long values, if this is possible.


Thanks in advance,


Allen Risley

GIS Specialist

Cal State University San Marcos