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Problem with changing hyperlinks when uploading to ArcGIS Online

Question asked by Diane_Mastalir on Aug 14, 2019
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My goal is to simply create a story map tour which has a name and a description that can be clicked on to take the reader to a web page. I know it can be done because I've done it before. See:


My core problem is that the links are changing when I format them as <a href...> and upload them to ArcGIS Online. 


I Created point layer in ArcMap matching the map tour template and exported data to txt (csv) file. I then loaded the file into an ArcGIS Online map and shared the map as a story map tour. I created two different formats (well... more than that, but these were the essential formats). One had the description in simple http format and other included <a href...>.


Original ArcGIS Online Map document:


OPTION 1: Map Tour Data 3 - description in simple http format


Original description format:


Importing this as a csv file resulted in a layer in the AGOL Map that worked (appeared as "more info" link in pop-up and linked to the appropriate CDFW web page), but in the story map it appeared as text, not a link.


Link to Map Tour:


OPTION 2: Map Tour Data 10 - description includes an href statement


Original description format:

<a href="" target="_blank">More Information</a>


Importing this to a map as a csv file resulted in the link in the Description (in the pop-up) being changed to,
which resulted in the web map simply being re-opened upon clicking on "More Info" in the pop-up. This carried through to the story map tour, except that the link changed to the link to the map tour.


Link to Map Tour:


I have searched the web and this site and the help sites and either am having a unique problem or am using the wrong search terms. I'm hoping that there is a simple solution. I've attached the original csv files. Thank you.