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ArcGIS Online No Attachment Link in Popup

Question asked by wgrc on Aug 14, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2019 by wgrc

Hello!  I have noticed something that seems like a new features (and it's also annoying).


I have a field project going on where teams are taking points with photo attachments (feature data hosted on AGO).

In the Web Map when one clicks on the point, there is no hyperlink at the bottom of the default popup.  It appears like no photo was taken.  However, if one clicks "Edit" to edit the attributes and scrolls down, then the hyperlink can be seen and clicked.

Also on a related note, in the Web App that I created for project teams to view the field work, there seems to be no way at all to even show a hyperlink to the photo taken.  People are asking me "why weren't any photos collected"


Has something changed in AGO, it didn't seem like it worked that way before?  Options?