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Layer Masking greyed out when dataset is first brought in Pro 2.4.1

Question asked by marjoriejerez on Aug 13, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2019 by marjoriejerez

Does anyone else experience the following?:


1) Bring in a dataset (tested on stand alone shapefile, map service from an ArcServer, and feature class from an SDE)

2) Masking (under the Appearance Tab) is greyed out so I click on the recently brought in feature layer in the TOC and it is still greyed out

3) Clicks on a different feature layer and Masking activates

4) Clicks back on the recently added feature class and Masking is activated


I would prefer if it would just automatically have Layer Masking activated instead of me having to click a different feature layer every single time I want to mask something...


Anyway, I was just curious if any one else has this happen to them... 




Thomas ColsonRobert Pollock

Have you guys have this happen to you by chance?