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Unique values from multiple attributes for symbology in AGOL

Question asked by PlunkC_Keizer on Aug 13, 2019

I have a web map on ArcGIS online and I am trying to use 2 unique values for my erosion control sites. I want to use Permit Status and Compliance level as my attributes that determine symbology. The first entry has all attributes available. The 2nd selection only has creation date, edit date, etc... 

Is there a way to get it to allow me to use compliance level as the 2nd option that is not in the drop down menu?


The end goal is Permit Status that is open is green points and pending are yellow points. If the Compliance level is selected to be Violation I would like the point to turn red. 


Attached is some images to show what I am seeing. I use to do this easily on desktop so I know it should be able to be done. Also the data has been collected using a form created in Survey123 Connect.