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Loading mxd files with network and service area analysis extremely slow

Question asked by ecologyit on Aug 13, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2019 by ecologyit

I have some files that are not overly large but with a significant number of facilities and service areas defined. These files can take more than an hour to load. Does ArcMap reload facilities and recalculate service areas when you open the file? I would have assumed that once you solved for service areas that ArcMap would save those service areas rather than recalculating it. Perhaps I am misunderstanding how it manages this data?


My machine exceeds the baseline requirements for ArcMap and only mxd files with service areas defined seem to take overly long to load. In these files I do not have basemaps loaded and all data is local to the machine. All layers, network datasets, and service areas are in the same projection and in the same folder.


Just curious if I am doing something fundamentally wrong in saving these files or if this performance should be expected. I did export the Polygons and Lines to their own shapefiles so I suppose I can save a version without the Service Areas defined- but it seemed easier to not recreate this every time I needed to update the analysis with a next iteration.