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Survey123 related to multiple geography layers

Question asked by deleted-user-H23pxZFaj1tR on Aug 12, 2019
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Hi James Tedrick and Ismael Chivite,


I have a web map with four static geographies, four bridge tables, and a single report table.  Reports can refer to one or more of each of the geographies.  For example, a report could be attributed to 4 Counties, 1 State, and 2 Regions.


The survey needs to create a report record, and multiple entries in the bridge tables.  I'm thinking that using select_multiple would allow a report to be associated with multiple counties, for instance.  Then I would want four select_multiple questions, one for each geography.


First question is can the select_multiple questions be populated with the geography names from the related tables?  Should I use an external choice list in this survey?


Second, will this work with bridge tables that have two GUID foreign keys, one to Geography tables and one to Report table?  


Third, if the hosted feature service contains the items described in the first sentence above, can a single Survey123 record submission enter data in all four of the geography bridge tables?  Would this mean multiple submission_url's?  It seems this poster got it to work on the web client, but should I consider re-architecting to have a single bridge table?


Any advice would be appreciated!