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Summarize Meters in District

Question asked by achipman_crec on Aug 12, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2019 by ahoque-esristaff

I'm trying to create a WebApp to help my Board of Directors create new Board Districts. They want to be able to draw a new boundary on a map and see the summary of meters in that area. They would also like to keep that new district as a feature in a layer until they have come up with an agreed upon district boundary.


I've built a webapp with a layer that has every section and then a field of the total number of meters in each section. I then have a different, editable, layer that can be used to draw the new boundaries and has an attribute column for the total number of meters.


I've tried the following widgets: Screening, Analysis, Select, and Summary with no luck. I'm not sure if I'm just not configuring one of them correctly or if the widget won't do what I'm hoping it will.


I've also built an Operations Dashboard and tried to create Indicator widgets that will total the number of meters in each feature using a spatial feature, but that isn't quite working out either.


Does anyone have any suggestions for me?