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Trying to Automate Calculation of Road Reserve Widths using Polyline and Polygon

Question asked by ben_vk on Aug 11, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2019 by rfairhur24

I have been asked to define the road widths of all our road reserves, and I am wondering if this is a simple process using the correct tools...


I have a road centreline POLYLINE layer, this is a single polyline that runs the entire length of any road.

I also have a road segment POLYGON layer, this is broken into road segments for asset management purposes.


Just to give you an indication, this is how they look, centrelines are dashed blue, and outlines red solid:


I know there will be some strange outputs no matter how I carry this out (court bowls etc), but as a starting point if I could use my road centreline, find perpendicular at the midpoint of the road centreline, and then extend outward until I intersect with a road outline, and return that distance, this would get me a result in the majority of cases.


Any rough ideas on how this could be achieved?