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Photos in survey are not showing!

Question asked by Angelocapriglione on Aug 8, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2019 by Angelocapriglione

Good afternoon.


Have an issue with a survey that doesn't show the pictures, the thing that 1 week ago it was showing it until I got a called that the pictures wasn't showing in the uploaded surveys. I don't have as many records because this survey is in a "Pilot" phase but still need the pictures to be there.


From those 34 records on "Ottawa patrols", every one of them had pictures but now are not showing (see screenshot above). Only in one of the "repeat" questions that is on the last tab is showing the pictures (see screenshot below).


Just created a new survey and the field guys are using that one, wonder if there is a way to "restore" the photos from the "Ottawa Patrols" survey. 


Please let me know if it's possible.