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Is it possible to take an Esri Vector Basemap style and convert it to a .stylex so that the label/detail styles can be utilized on our own data sets?

Question asked by cwollett on Aug 8, 2019

I am absolutely loving the styles built-in to the Human Geography basemaps that Esri put out and plan to use those when I use ArcGIS Online for general maps. However, when I am making maps in ArcGIS Pro, I typically want things to be more controlled. I only want to show our state, for example, or just certain cities/roads instead of the entire map the Human Geography data is running on. I know how to use the Vector Tile Style Editor to tweak a basemap's styles and can download a JSON, but is it possible to convert these for use as a style file? Beyond building each one individually by hand within ArcGIS Pro?