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ArcPro Topology Error Inspector Table does not refresh

Question asked by rachel.beard_cadoc on Aug 7, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2019 by rachel.beard_cadoc

*** UPDATE*** as of 09/2019 below Issue has been logged as a bug. ***


When using Error Inspector in ArcPro 2.3.3, it inconsistently filters errors to map extent in the error table.


It seems that it will only filter results in the  until an attribute table is opened. Once an attribute table is opened the error table will will not refresh and will display only the errors displayed at the time the attribute table was opened. 


This has become an issue when trying to filter by rule later so that I can edit specific types of errors in an extent as a batch. #goingbacktoArcMap


Any ideas? 


Below is a quick run down of the process and screen shots to give an idea. I have tried this with different maps and data and get the same failure to refresh. 


Map Opened.

  1. Open Error Inspector
  2. Validate map on full extent
  3. 1) Filter by Map Extent is Active. 2) *2000 errors exist in the full map extent.
    1. Currently I am only worried about dangles along the quad border. I zoom into a location I want to inspect. 1) Filter by Map extent is active. 2) 6 Errors in map extent.
  4.  Open Attribute Table.
    1. Zoom to full Extent. 1) Filter by map extent still active 2) Only 6 errors are listed 3) even after refreshing the table.
    2. If I zoom to a new location the table still does not refresh and will not properly populate this table until I have restarted the map project. It will function after restarting the program until I open an attribute table. After that the table fails to refresh.