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Question asked by dabera on Aug 6, 2019
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I was wondering if anyone could help me with some R- script I got from a client, and I want to integrate it to my Model Builder. I have installed R-ArcGIS bridge  and all required packages, and tested the script as standalone tool with hard-coded parameters and it works fine. The problem I have is how to create variables for the input and output parameters. 

If you get a chance, will you spend few hour to assist with the attached R script. I tried to use the in_params & out_params for inputs and outputs respectively, but no luck except the path to the folder.

Here is what I need:



  •     Path to folder (which replace the hardcoded  setwd(“path”) )
  •     n :   number of random sites
  •     m : contingency random sites
  •      dbf ( xxxx.dbf) to read the dbf file from the Shapefile, which means the Shapefile within the input folder
  •      shape ( the Shapefile name)
  •      prjfilename ( the projection name, which will be based on the input Shapefile)



  •      shape( the output Shapefile name)

Thanks in advance,