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Survey123 favoring answers bug

Question asked by Kyle.Kaskie on Aug 6, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2019 by Kyle.Kaskie

Not sure if you will be able to help but you might be able to point me in the right direction. I have been running into a bug with survey123 and users using the favorites. I have a survey setup which the user runs a designated route and submits a report for each incident observed on that designated route. The actual survey has 4 groups within it; 1) primary data (stays the same for all observations within a single route); 2)beginning/ending conditions, 3)one kind type of observation, 4) a different observation type. Except for the primary group (group 1), each group is only relevant when the user selects that group type for reporting (Example: User runs the route enters primary data and selects group 3); these questions appear, user enters that data and submits. User comes across another observation type; enters primary data, selects group 4), these questions appear, user enters that data and submits.).


The problem I am running into is when the user runs the route and performs say example 1, they favorite their answers so that the primary data is stored. The same user then runs into example 2, pastes their favorites, selects the observation group 4) (which clears the questions from group 3 and pulls up the relevant questions for group 4), enters the new (relevant) data and submits. This all works on the users end, however, on the backside data is still being carried over into the un-relevant fields.


Within the xls form for the survey, relevance is set as well as a calculation field to try and null the field if the user selects a different observation method and that field is not relevant to the selected observation.

I had tried setting a null within the domain and pointing to that but that seemed to mess up the ability to export the feature layer from AGOL.


Any help you can give would be great,