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Survey 123 - syncing inbox deletes synced inbox records of a seperate survey

Question asked by terrestrialecology1_perth on Aug 5, 2019
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I'm having an issue when syncing 3 of my surveys, in the Survey123 field app.  I have 15 surveys in total that run concurrently for data collection in the field. We sync the surveys and inboxes at the end of each day so each team has the data collected from the other team.

When I sync the inbox of one survey (of the 3 problematic surveys), there are no issues, however when I sync the inbox of either of the other two problematic surveys, it wipes the synced records in the inbox I just synced. In other words, syncing the inbox of any one of these three surveys will wipe the synced inbox of the others (we are only able to have one of the three survey inboxes synced at any time).


This is only affecting the 3 surveys in question, the other 12 surveys I have are fine and are not wiped.

The surveys themselves are working fine and the Inbox is enabled etc.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.