AG Pro crashes on startup after new installation

Discussion created by ledwith on Aug 6, 2019
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As the title states, a new installation of ArcGIS Pro crashes immediately. I've uninstalled and reinstalled different versions several times & cleared the Registry. The associated tools, command line & jpython work - just not AG Pro.


My problems started when I naively pressed the button in AG Pro 2.3 to upgrade to 2.4. What a mistake...but I'm not the only one in my office who fell victim to ESRI's poor logic. Imagine offering a user an quick upgrade that results in the program no longer working. That's right, because AG Pro 2.4 requires a new License Manager (2019). So if you are unlucky enough to do it during the summer, when the IT department is on vacation for six weeks, then you're SOL. When I tried to start AG Pro 2.4, the actual GUI came up but then I received a message that the license manager needed to be upgraded. So no AG Pro anymore but I still could use Desktop 10.6.


Since I didn't want to lose all my Pro mods, I decided not to go back to 2.3 and wait until the IT guys are back (which they are now). LM 2019 was added to the server. Fine, except now AG Pro crashes on startup.


I've now thrown in the towel and uninstalled/reinstalled Pro (different versions) several times to no avail. Always the crash. No specific error arises. It just says immediately "Application has stopped working" then the irritating Send Report window pops up. Enclosed are a few of the myriad crash dumps that have occurred today. 


If anyone has any ideas (other than uninstalling certain Fonts, which Microsoft doesn't allow me to do) I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm leaving work now but will check in ASAP: