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Raster to Polygon fail

Question asked by njbegg on Aug 5, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2019 by njbegg

I'm trying to do change a raster to a polygon so that I can use the select by location tool.


When I first tried to use the Raster to Polygon tool it failed and gave me the error message:

Error: 000864: The input is not within the defined domain

I tried to follow all the instructions in this article: 

I used the times tool to multiply my raster by 10 then I ran the Int tool.


My next attempt to use the Raster to Polygon tool with this new int layer resultd in the generic Error: 999999 something unexpected cause the tool to fail


How do I get around this?

Is there another way to select polygons that are intersected by this raster?