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Merged existing layers with merge tool and tried to republish but lost all created_dates? Update: Apparently editor tracking is at fault?

Question asked by william.nguyen_ACTGOV on Aug 5, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2019 by william.nguyen_ACTGOV

Hi all, I merged multiple layers of the same data but split into financial years. I have been using collector to collect this data, but realised I need to combine all financial years into 1 layer to make reporting easier on the operations dashboard.


I merged all the financial year layers in Arcpro using the merge tool which showed everything perfectly including created dates in the attribute tables. 


I then republished web layer to arcgis online (with Editor tracking and domains all filled in) but when I look at the layer in arcgis online and open an attribute table, all the created dates have been overridden with todays date? How do I keep the original dates from being overridden? I’m a bit shocked haha


Update: Apparently editor tracking is the culprit that is resetting all dates to the current day. Is there anyway around this?