modifying Config.esriaddinx - change add-in's icon

Discussion created by alinard on Mar 9, 2011
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I've created an add-in using VB 2008 Express with ESRI ArcGIS wizard. Now I want to change the add-in's image / icon.

<ESRI.Configuration xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">

I have an image logo.png stored in both Resources and Images folder in my VB.NET project. However, this image is somehow not visible for the add-in. I've checked the add-in package (.esriAddIn zip file) after compiling the project and there is no image "logo.png" in the Images folder inside this package.

The question is: how can I include this image to my add in package?

I had similar problems with icons for specific buttons in this add-in, however this was fixed when I used ArcGIS wizard for adding new items to my VB.NET project.

Help would be appreciated,