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survey123 detailed map zoom level doesn't change when viewed in app.

Question asked by sam.dixon_MFFP on Aug 6, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2019 by BArmstrong-esristaff

The users of my survey work on small scales (metres) and so would like the map to be very zoomed in immediately when collecting points/lines/polygons. Currently, they have to zoom in several times to reach a workable scale. When I set the default zoom level for a basemap in survey123 as below, I would expect the map to immediately be at zoom level 19 when I 'press to capture' in the app. However, no matter what I change in the survey settings the zoom scale in the app doesn't change. I get the same result whether I use ESRI imagery or my own tile package. I am doing something wrong? 





Screenshot of detailed map zoom level settings