Bi-directional shape/attribute communication

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Hi folks,


An interesting by-product of my little experiments from this thread ... thanks Cheryl !

 Minimum distance based on axis / world orientation ? 


With a bit of hacking I managed to get different shapes and rules to talk to each other (passing level numbers in this case) with just a single Attribute Connection Link - shapeID.


Bi-directional communication between shapes and rule files


This is just a simple proof of concept where;


  • Initial slide (everything separate) shows each podium's and tower's number of levels. 
  • Podiums (red text) report on total number of levels - itself plus all towers placed on top of it. 
  • Towers (blue text) report on total number of levels - themselves plus all towers placed on top of the same common podium.


So essentially podiums communicate one of their attributes to the towers, and towers communicate one of their attributes to the podiums. 


Podiums and Towers have different rule files applied, with only a single Connect Attribute link applied to both - a unique shapeID. They are not linked in any other way nor do they share common attribute names etc.

It's all handled via occlusion queries.