How can you set up a link to a pdf file stored in sharepoint via arcgis online ?

Discussion created by Jmobilis on Aug 4, 2019
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So what I wanna do: 


I have an excel file with drilling points accros the country with information about each point. I have this file stored in a map in sharepoint. Currently I have made a feature service out of it via arcgis pro and uploaded to arcgis online.


There are also some reports in a pdf file in sharepoint that I want to link to all these drilling points. 

Is there a way to have a link to the report when you open the popup of a point in arcgis online ??


Do I need to make an extra field in the excel file called links and put the links of the pdf in there ??

Or can I make links via arcgis pro ??


It is important that I can update the feature service because there is weekly new data that needs to be updated.


Hope you can help me!