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Network Analysis of Polygons

Question asked by paratransit on Aug 2, 2019
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OK, so I am pretty new to ArcMap and ArcGIS.  I have done some more basic stuff in 10.1 and just decided to trial the ArcGIS Pro.  Here's what I have/need:


I have a set of polygons ( buffers around bus routes in my city).  Right now, they have no time attributes to them.  Then I have a list of pick ups and drop offs (with times) for trips we provide which I need to see if they fall into any of those polygons.  Here's the harder part: it's not just if they fall into the polygon spatially, but temporally as well (both place AND time).  


I do have the GTFS data for my city, which I could use somehow.  But that's the thing, I can't figure out how to get from the GTFS data to having these 3/4 mile buffers around each route, each having a start and stop time.  (The buffers would have a start time of the earliest stop on the route, and an end time of the latest stop on the route).  I tried following a tutorial, but got lost when I had to create a network dataset.  And I'm not sure that was entirely correct anyway.


Can anyone help me out? I'm sure I'm far from the only person that needs to do this, but unfortunately we don't have any GIS experts on staff.