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Inventory Management

Question asked by Mad_Cat on Aug 1, 2019
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Need Advice,

I've set up an dashboard for our Emergency services director at the city i work at. He love's it, however, he wants to track how many barricades are deployed versus how many we have. I know its possible, but I'm getting stuck. I created a spreadsheet giving a OID, type of barricade, an integer 'deployed' [1], 'not deployed' [0] field, and empty LAT LONG attributes. Then I published the table as a hosted feature service.

So now I'm stuck, I've tried creating another feature from that table online, referencing the URL but it freezes up.

it is stuck.

Basically, I want fieldworkers to be able to set a barricade on collector from what we have in inventory, and remove it afterwards without actually deleting it from the hosted table. I'm stumped as to how to accomplish this.