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Can you calculate the zoom level of the map for a response to a geopoint question?

Question asked by colin.campbell_RSPB on Aug 1, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2019 by colin.campbell_RSPB

Is it possible to calculate the zoom level of the map when a location is manually selected by a user?


We've had some users of a survey entering poor quality locations and our suspicion is that they're manually selecting the location on the map at an inappropriate zoom level (i.e. they're zoomed out too far to be selecting an accurate location from the map).  If we could record what zoom level they were at when manually locating on the map we could identify if this was indeed the case (or whether there was another source of the poor quality records).  Ideally we would also then be able to add a constraint that meant they could only manually select a location when zoomed in to within a certain range.


Is any of that possible?