Generating Slope

Discussion created by ndchapma on Mar 8, 2011
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Hello everyone.  I have been scouring the forums for 2 days now but I haven't found a detailed solution so here it goes.

I am currently working on an internship, which has just had me working with vector modeling and my experience manipulating raster is nill, for lack of a better word.  Recently, I was given a request to generate a map of a township in Lancaster county, PA that shows areas of slope up to 5% corresponding to the streams.

I have contour lines, a NED .shp file, as well as a raster (.jp2) of the area which I will be clipping to fit the municipal boundary.

It is Spring Break so I do not have quick access to any Professors.  The premise seems easy but I cannot active Spatial Analyst and I have no idea how to begin and go through setting up this model.

I am obviously new to raster manipulation and I thank you for your patience and help!!