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Service Publishing - Token Renewal Failed

Question asked by JKingesriaustralia-com-au-esridist Employee on Aug 1, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2020 by adam.roberts

Hey Guys,


We're trying to publish a very large MXD (60mb) and associated SD file (10mb) to ArcGIS Server and we keep getting a failed error after around 30 minutes or so.


For context, we have a 10.6.1 AGS, which is federated. The service we are trying to publish has a lot of layers in it (over 100) and has an associated pre-built cache, which sits on a mapped network drive.


We've tried to publish it through ArcGIS Desktop and also by uploading the SD file to the Server Manager and on both occasions we get this same log results after around 30 minutes of waiting for the publishing to complete:


Token Renewal Failed (No credentials available).         10014

Core server call to create service failed (/admin/createService).         23850

Failed to create the service.: Token renewal failed (No credentials available).         23836

Token renewal failed (No credentials available).         100104

Error executing tool: Publish Service Definition – Failed to execute (Publish Service Definition).          20010


Apologies, I am not able to copy the full log. The numbers to the right are the associated error code.


I'm guessing the token it grabs before it publishes may have a 30 minute expiry time and for some reason it is unable to get another one?


Does anyone have any advice for publishing large services? or know if there are any other workaround to get around what we are experiencing?