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Naming Survey123 captured images

Question asked by Ahmed_A_Shehata on Jul 31, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2019 by Ahmed_A_Shehata

Hi everyone, 


Actually I have two questions: 


First, how can I name the images captured in a repeat, based on the answer of previous question?

For example, I have a question named (siteID) answered as (ST01), can I name the captured images of the repeat, based on that question (ST01_1, ST01_2..., etc). 


Second, is there a way to retrieve the number of answered questions in the group to be used in getting the average?  

For example, I have 5 questions in a group, the answer of the fifth is the average (${Q1}+${Q2}+${Q3}+${Q4}) div 4. The issue is that one question may be N/A, means that the average will be div 3. So, I would need to divide by the number of the answered questions. 


James Tedrick I'd apreciate your feedback

Thanks in advance