Pop-up's Displaying "No Information Available" from linked Google Sheet (ArcGIS Online)

Discussion created by TRLA_Emilio on Jul 30, 2019
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I have created an ArcGIS online map in which I have linked a Google sheet. In addition this Google sheet is equipped with the "onformsubmit" feature from "Awesome Table" which links Awesome Table's geocoding feature to the submission of the google form. My idea is that when the google form is submitted the feature is automatically added to the map. So far, I've gotten the geocoding to successfully add a point to the map but the pop-up displays "No Information Available." i was wondering if anyone knew whether this was an issue with the google sheet, ArcGIS online, the "Awesome Table" component, or some combination. 


This is the link to the "onformsubmit" function to "Awesome Table":


This article details a workaround: but it suggest a join in ArcMap, which wouldn't really be applicable if I would have to do it each time a new entry is added to the form. 


Thank you for any advice help you can offer!