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Can contributors all add to the same featureclass on ArcGIS Hub?

Question asked by michaelpo on Jul 30, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2019 by SBohn-esristaff

I don't know how to access a working sample of ArcGIS HUB, so I'm making a few assumptions about how it works. 

It looks like a great solution to the problem of how we get a consolidated view from multiple organisations. 

However, there is one specific function that will make it a friction-less user experience... or not. I'm hoping someone can explain to me how it works. 


Let's say a hub is established, and companies A, B C etc all collaborate on it. 

Each company is providing the exact same data, the same structure, the same attributes, fields, etc. The only difference is content.


I am keenly interested to know whether it is possible for each of the companies to submit their data to the same feature class. In other words, all the data ends up being consolidated in one data set (Feature class) 


I suspect that this is contrary to the conceptual principle of what the hub represents, in which case then, I have a second question. Am I able to use the Hub as just another published data source, which I can connect to, and I will do the aggregation of all the different datasets in house, using FME. This would mean that the hub view is multiple layers of data originating from different organisations, but internally, we can use it as a single layer, which would be a win-win. 



Hope that makes sense.