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X-Ray for ArcCatalog Excel Failed to Export Error

Question asked by nielsen on Jul 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2019 by rleclair-esristaff

I get these errors when trying to Export an XRay report from a geodatabase in ArcCatalog for a particular database.  I have created a report on this database before, and can still create one for other databases - why it doesn't like this database right now is beyond me.. 


Problem During Load

Problems came up in the following areas during load:

Workbook Setting

This file cannot be opened because of errors.  Errors are listed in: ....c:\users\login\appdata\local\microsift\windows\inetcache\content.mso\bb634191.log


(and then this one comes up)


Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A03EC

Please ensure you have Microsoft Excel installed.

Also there may have been an Excel problem that you could see in the Windows Task Manager: do you have duplicate dataset names in the Geodatabase across multiple schemas?


Then I hit OK and get a Failed to Export geodatabasename error.


I last ran XRay in May successfully on this database in April.  I am not sure what has changed... maybe some Windows/Microsoft patches in the background??  Maybe a new feature class or domain?!  No new ArcGIS (running 10.5.1), XRay, or Excel (2013) installation.