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How do I join a shapefile to a table in a 1:m relationsip and export all results to a shapefile

Question asked by lygismav on Jul 29, 2019



I have a shapefile that contains a list of parcels with about 16,000 records as well as a table that has a list of assessments with about 44,000 records.  I would like to join / relate  the table to the parcel layer and export a new shapefile with 44,000 records, which would include one record for each related record as opposed to one record for each record in the shapefile.


Shapefile records:





Table Records

PIN,  CODE, Value

01-001001-0,  A10, $50

01-001001-0, A20, $47

01-001002-0, A10, $38


Desired Output

A shapefile with the following attributes

01-001001-0,  A10, $50

01-001001-0, A20, $47

01-001002-0, A10, $38


Please let me know what the best way is to export a shapefile with all of the 44,000 joined or related records.


Thank You!