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ArcGIS Explorer Symbol Limitations

Question asked by ModernGIS on Jul 25, 2019

One of my Field Crew members brought in one of our field android tablet(s) that uses ArcGIS Explorer to open company maps from ArcGIS Online and had a problem with certain layers not displaying. Upon some investigation, I determined the symbol(s) that I use all of a sudden do NOT work in ArcGIS Explorer. They use to but now, they are not. Is there a limitation on the type of Symbol type(s) that can be used in Explorer and/or collector that has changed? My process goes from ArcMAP that already has the symbol(s) pre-created and shares a Feature Layer to AGOL. 

Just wondering if this is a NEW limitation since I checked the Android App store and there is no software update required at this time for ArcGIS Explorer. The reason why I have specific symbols created is because we also use ArcReader in the office and my main goal is consistency. This way, the same symbol for a specific feature class is the same across all platforms within the company. 

Thank You