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Cannot add NLCD 2016 as WMS to Portal 10.6.1

Question asked by ddavis_talltimbers on Jul 24, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2020 by ddavis_talltimbers

Hello, all.

I cannot add the latest NLCD 2016 WMS service ( to a web map in Enterprise Portal 10.6.1.  I can add it to an ArcGIS Online web map.  I realize the capabilities in ArcGIS Online are updated more frequently, but am surprised I can't add the service to our Portal. 

I need the layer as a basemap in an app we are building and will end up using it via ArcGIS Online if I must, but wanted to check first with the community to find out if perhaps I am missing something with the way I am trying to add the service.

I have included an image of the error I get when I try to add the service to a map.Error message received when trying to add WMS service to Portal map.


Thanks, in advance, for any help you can provide.

Best, Dixie.