Problem with Network Analyst Geoprocessing Tool for creating Route layer

Discussion created by reneecammarere on Mar 8, 2011
When I test the following snippit of code, the Network Dataset is placed on the map.  However the Route layer is not created and placed on the map.  Am I not using these objects properly?

            // Call the routine that builds the Network Dataset and adds it to the map
            ILayer pNetworkLayer = MarksNDExperiment();
            Geoprocessor myGP = new Geoprocessor();
            bool addOutputsToMap = myGP.AddOutputsToMap;
            addOutputsToMap = true;

            // Run the geoprocessing tool for making the Route Layer
            IVariantArray parameters = new VarArray();
            parameters.Add("Route");//name of Route layer
            parameters.Add("Length");//impedance attribute or cost attribute
            myGP.Execute("MakeRouteLayer_na", parameters, null);

It doesn't seem to matter if I place the ND on the map inside of the routine MarksNDExperiment() or at the end of this snippit of code.  It still doesn't show up on the map.