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How do I access currently selected Datasource from Pro SDK

Question asked by kmahoney01 on Jul 23, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2019 by kmahoney01

I have a Feature Service in my Map, no local sde files or file geodatabase (aside from default.gdb which I do not use).  

I published this service with Version Management set to "true", from a Map with layers that reference a Branch - Versioned dataset.


Is the only way to retrieve the data source is by iteration through layer(s) using the ArcGIS Pro SDK?   I am trying to create a custom versioning tool and I wanted to place it in the same Tab as the other Versioning commands, and when that tab is active, no layers are selected in the TOC.  How do the existing commands (Post, Reconcile, Manage Versions etc) know the current selected data source?  I even tried subscribing to TOCSelectionChangedEvent, however the only arguments returned are MapViewEventArgs, which do not contain any context about selected Datasource in the TOC.