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PDF / Transparencies

Question asked by mat.azzopardi_arcadis_uk on Jul 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2019 by Dan_Patterson

Previously in ArcMap when it came to exporting as PDF, if there was a layer with transparency, ArcMap would then rasterize all layers below that and combine into a single image within the PDF. Then all other layers above that would come through as text/vector,  in particular the title block/layout.


Within Pro, there is only the option to rasterize the whole drawing including title block/layout, so the text is rasterized, or you then have multiple layers of transparencies with the PDF, which for some, including myself, is not relevant to have that way.


Can you build back in an option in Pro, where layers under a layer with transparency are combined into a single image and all text/vector above remains as text/vector.