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Querying the Spatiotemporal Big Data Store

Question asked by tsellste Champion on Jul 22, 2019
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I have moved our AVL data feed to our GeoEvent Server which writes all position data to the STBDS.  This works very well.  I have a couple of JSAPI apps that can do queries and display historical tracks very quickly.  My latest task is to look at vehicle tracks outside of our city boundary for a larger range of dates.  I have used ArcGIS Pro, but it quickly limits me to 100,000 records, which is the service limit.


How do I get access to a larger amount of features?  Can I access the database directly?  Or is using the STBDS the wrong way to store AVL Data? 


If I had this in an enterprise database, I would probably be done querying the subset of data I need already...


Thanks very much for any assistance!