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Error 000046 Too many reference tables....

Question asked by jborgion Champion on Jul 22, 2019
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ArcGIS 10.6.1


I am trying to (re) create a python script that creates our locators as a scheduled task.  I'm running into a problem when creating a US Address - Single House; I get the above error.


I've tried several different approaches (os.path.join(), .format()) that toss the same error. I opened the help page and followed the example there where it sets the workspace env a priori and that errors out as well:



'''On line help snippet'''

arcpy.env.workspace = "C:/ArcTutor/Geocoding/atlanta.gdb"
Atlanta_AddressLocator_OutputPath = "C:/ArcTutor/Geocoding/Atlanta"

arcpy.CreateAddressLocator_geocoding("US Address - Dual Ranges", "streets 'Primary Table'",......
''' My snippet'''

locatorStyle = '"US Address - Single House"'
outLocator = '{}\ParcelAddress'.format(locatorsDIR)

parcelAddressSDE = r'I:\GIS\ArcSDE\SuperUser\is\slco@slcopub.sde'
arcpy.env.workspace = parcelAddressSDE

fieldMap = """ 
'Street ID' <None> VISIBLE NONE;
'*House Number' HouseNum VISIBLE NONE;

arcpy.CreateAddressLocator_geocoding(locatorStyle, "ParcelsAggregate 'Primary Table'",fieldMap,outLocator,"","ENABLED")

Line 42:  ParcelsAggregate is a feature class within the given Egdb workspace....


Does using python and this style of address locator have some bad blood?