Apply UVRenderer From a IFeatureLayer Join IStandaloneTable

Discussion created by jose.salcedo on Mar 8, 2011
Hello, I've found some examples but can't find the one that matches...

According to the image, i already have the:

- LoadLayer(): display the layer in the document.
- CreateWorkSpace(): it creates the FileGDBWorkspace and the IStandaloneTable and add it to the document.
- JoinTableLayer(): it joins the IStandaloneTable with the IFeatureLayer by a field

And there is when i get to a dead end, dont know how do i make the UVRenderer with this two elements in different WorkSpaces...

I've read  about the IQueryDef interface but the example creates a
and i'm not sure which WorkSpace its referring to...

In this example only use on table, but its the only that i got...
// For example, tables = "customers"
// subFields = "NAME, ADDRESS"
// whereClause = "ADDRESS LIKE '%CENTER%'"
public ICursor UseQueryDef(IFeatureWorkspace featureWorkspace, String tables,
  String subFields, String whereClause)
  // Create the query definition.
  IQueryDef queryDef = featureWorkspace.CreateQueryDef();

  // Provide a list of table(s) to join.
  queryDef.Tables = tables;

  // Declare the subfields to retrieve.
  queryDef.SubFields = subFields;

  // Assign a where clause to filter the results.
  queryDef.WhereClause = whereClause;

  // Evaluate queryDef to execute a database query and return a cursor to the application.
  ICursor cursor = queryDef.Evaluate();
  return cursor;

Any help would be nice....

Thanks in advance...