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ArcGIS Online Web Mapping Application - can't register or share publicly

Question asked by socialfinanceisrael on Jul 21, 2019

Hi - having an issue publicly sharing my web map or the web mapping application I created from it


Evidently one of the layers (an esri owned service) requires app registration for public viewers to access it - however, I don't have the option of registering the web mapping application (made from an organization trial account from the "share" function in the web map viewer - basic story map)


when I look at the overview for the web mapping application - I get a '500 error: not registered," so I know that it wasn't registered automatically when created ...


anyone have any good advice? Is there a workaround if the register app option does not show up under settings in application overview? Should I just create a new application under a developers account?

am i missing something?