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Not Working: Share a survey created from a non-hosted feature in portal and users see the data via s123 web site

Question asked by jvaldes on Jul 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2019 by jvaldes

The problem:  create a survey from a non hosted feature that reside in sql, in portal 10.6. the survey is created with connect and the users will use the windows app

I go to survey123 website redirecting to our portal. select the survey go to collaborate->submitter and make the selections, click save. tested the user can see the survey in the app and add data.

Go again to survey website ,select the survey ,collaborate->viewer , say that the same group can view the data because is non hosted. click save and give an error also create a new feature call stakeholder. 

The users go to survey123 website with the redirection to our portal and do not see the survey so they cannot see the data.


If the survey is created form a hosted feature inside portal the viewer tab give no error , create the stakeholder view ans the users are able to see the shared survey in s123 web site and see the data and reports.


I live in Puerto Rico were about to years ago was impact by a mayor hurricane.

We are preparing a project to inspect the houses to make sure that are reconstructed with the codes so they  resist the wind forces. It includes the use of survey to take the data and takes photos, also is needed to create reports  and the versatility that s123 website give to see the data and create report is perfect. I found an alternative for the reports using a open source reporter but our inspector are going to be outside the agency most of the time , and right now only work if they are in the internal network. Also does not have the alternative to use a word template like s123 website.  


Does this scenario supposed to work, or are not supported?